I MADE IT! (kind of)

So here we are the end of my blogging challenge.¬†On the downside I have only written 25 blogs, not 30, but on the plus side I WROTE 25 BLOGS IN A MONTH ūüėÄ

I have created a tags page, so that you can browse my posts that way. Check it out!

I’ve learnt a lot! I can now put anchor text in posts (I feel like Wikipedia), and can use pretty much all of WordPress’ basic features (apart apparently from new pages… ). Oh, and I’m never uploading 47 photos in one go again. It didn’t go well, which was why this post was a day late. I’m still figuring out exactly where I want this blog to go and who I really want my audience to be, but I do have a much better idea of that than I did at the start.

I have lots of future plans but I won’t put concrete dates on anything yet, because as you’ve no doubt learnt if you’ve read along with me this whole way, I have a bad habit of saying I’ll do one thing and then doing something else instead. I don’t think it’s too much to ask myself for two posts a month, though.

Book reviews, the Vikings in Turkey, a visit to Winchester and possibly even some historical fiction writing of my own. This month threw up a whole lot of research questions too. Watch this space!

Thank you very, very much to everyone who has read my posts during this challenge. Special thanks to the people who have shared posts and those who have commented (you know who you are) and to people who have told me they have been reading along. I appreciate you all so, so much.

To finish off, I’ll throw some stats at you. (So you can stop reading now if that bores you).

172 visitors and 289 views

Over 20,000 words written!

Almost all of you came from Facebook, but some arrived here from Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress Reader and through Google.

Most of the views were from the UK, but the other countries were: USA, France, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Romania, New Zealand and Hungary. I know who a few of you are, and to the rest of you, hope you liked what you saw!

The two most popular posts were Too busy to read? and my introduction Daily Blogging! The two least popular (give them more love!) were An exceedingly natural burial and Redcar and the royal burial.


I MADE IT! (kind of)

Failure Day 4

I’ve had a killer headache this evening and am only just able to look at a screen again now, so I’m Failing again today, sadly. If everything else goes to plan, tomorrow will be another news post and possibly something odd on Sunday, and then for the last week I will be doing a series on how “international” the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons were (ok, mainly the Vikings but you’d be surprised!!).

Following the letter of the challenge and not the spirit: thus ends this daily post. Night all.

A picture of a tortoiseshell cat lying down and staring at the screen
Failure Day 4

Daily Blogging – The Halfway Summary

Hi all! Since this is the 15th day¬†I’ve written in this blog for this month, I thought it was the perfect point to do a summary post of everything that’s happened so far, so that anyone who comes in from now on won’t have to be bewildered when ¬†I yell “GENITIVE!” or complain about my lack of church architecture knowledge.

(The astute amongst you will have noticed that in fact today is the 18th and if I have only posted for 15 days then I am several days behind. This is true. Easter was supposed to cure that, and it didn’t. Oops.)

So without further ado:

Day One – Failure Day 1. I literally forgot it was the 1st)

Day Two РI announced my intentions to blog every single day in the spirit of the Nanowrimo challenge. I then posted about my too brief trip to the Saxon Tower in Oxford. I do definitely intend to go back there one day, I was far too rushed.

Day Three – I dug into a story which was floating round my corner of the internet about whether these remains found in a tiny village had been burnt and hacked after death because the villagers were afraid they would rise again, or because the villagers were really, really hungry. Meaty stuff.

Day Four РI start recapping the place-names conference that I went to at the end of March. A lot of this first entry is me complaining how difficult the drive down was, and making the first of many mentions to my academic inferiority complex.

Day Five – Failure Day 2

Day Six- Conference continues. I manage to make a reasonably sized post despite the quality of my notes having flagged, and share that frankly terrifying but cute photo of my cat with you all.

Day Seven – By this point I’ve reached lunchtime at the conference. On a personal note I talk a bit more about that inferiority complex (which by the way I just spelt infeririotity) and how certain people helped it, and on a slightly more academic note I introduce you to the difference between a surname and a byname. (There will be a test at the end…) There’s also a photograph of me and my favourite professor at graduation.

Day Eight¬†– And I finally finished recapping that conference! I’d like to point out that I originally only thought it would take me two posts. Ha. Coolest thing I learnt during this bit: Boudicca might have been able to speak¬†a Germanic language.

Day Nine¬†– This is the first of two posts about my trip into Cambridge. Turns out there’s a lot of old stuff in Cambridge – more than I actually got to see as it happens. This was about St Benet’s Church, with its stunning Anglo-Saxon arch and tower. Standing under that tower was quite the experience, let me tell you. For some reason it hit me in a way that climbing the one in Oxford didn’t.

Day Ten¬†– Second post about Cambridge. This time the photo spam is of The Round Church, which you’ve all probably seen if you’ve been in Cambridge city centre at all, but I bet you didn’t know that it’s been there for over 900 years! The round bit of it is Norman in origin, and so much smaller than I had expected!

Day Eleven РA quick and easy post linking you to some relevant events/books etc which have happened in the last six months.

Day Twelve РFailure Day 3

Day Thirteen – In which I start my little series on the place-names on Huntingdonshire. The first one shows you some Huntingdonshire inhabitants whom you never knew about – and about which all we know is their name.

Day Fourteen РHuntingdonshire series powers up with a display of the languages which were spoken by varying inhabitants at varying times, as shown in the settlements they named.

Day Fifteen – I continued to get very excited about the genitive case when discussing places in Huntingdonshire named after animals. My favourite is still Yaxley, for how it looks so un-English in its spelling but is actually one of the less changed names I found. Maybe you like Woolley for its animal? I won’t spoil the surprise for any first-time readers there.

Day Sixteen – It was Easter Sunday, and my 2 – year anniversary of starting this blog. I celebrated by talking a lot about garlic and getting excited about a thorn bush: plant names in Huntingdonshire.

Day Seventeen – The final piece on Huntingdonshire place-names (for this month, anyway) was on place-names within the Fens. I got very confused by the meaning of the word “fen”.

Day Eighteen – Well, here we are. It’s been brilliant fun so far, and I really can’t thank everyone enough for reading along with me. Let me know if there’s anything you want more of less of for the rest of the month and I’ll see what I can do!

Daily Blogging – The Halfway Summary

Daily Blogging!

I’m baaaaaaack, with the intention to write a blog post every day this month in the spirit of NanoWriMo. For those who can’t click links well on their phones etc, National Novel Writing Month is a attempt made several times a year by writers across the world to write 50k words in a month. I’m being a “Rebel” and not doing a novel, or that word count, but I think that blogging every single day for the whole month will be just as challenging.

And yes, I’m already a day behind. Two blog posts today! It will happen! I’ve planned out twelve blogs and after that we’re flying blind into the sun.

(It would be great to know if people are following along as the month progresses, so feel free to like my social media posts or however else you got here.)

Wish me luck!


Daily Blogging!