Daily Blogging!

I’m baaaaaaack, with the intention to write a blog post every day this month in the spirit of NanoWriMo. For those who can’t click links well on their phones etc, National Novel Writing Month is a attempt made several times a year by writers across the world to write 50k words in a month. I’m being a “Rebel” and not doing a novel, or that word count, but I think that blogging every single day for the whole month will be just as challenging.

And yes, I’m already a day behind. Two blog posts today! It will happen! I’ve planned out twelve blogs and after that we’re flying blind into the sun.

(It would be great to know if people are following along as the month progresses, so feel free to like my social media posts or however else you got here.)

Wish me luck!


Daily Blogging!

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