Best Laid Plans …

After a very long time putting this off (I first had this idea nearly a year ago!) I’m finally starting my blog. The topic will largely be Anglo-Saxon and Viking (in the UK) occurrences in the news (see below for the full list of stuff which might turn up). I shall discuss what the news articles say, adding anything I can or any opinions – or even just babbling about how it reminds me of of something I studied. If inspired by an artefact, for example, I will also write a very short story (between 50 – 500 words, for now) around it.

Why Anglo-Saxons and Vikings? Because they’re cool! Why do I think I have anything to say about them? Well, I may not have anything decent to say about them, but if I do it’s because almost exactly a year ago I graduated with an MA (Merit) in Anglo-Saxon and Vikings studies. It seems a waste to let that all rot in my head.

Topics I learnt about/developed an interest in which may also come up randomly:

Old English

Old Norse

Old English literature

physical and written remnants of Danes and Norwegians throughout the UK

Change in Old English, specifically :

  • relationship between Old English and Old Norse
  • relationship between Old English and Middle English

Place names of England (My project was on Scandinavian river names in Cumberland and Westmorland).


I’m looking forward to it!

Best Laid Plans …

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